Functions of "Proxy for Windows".
Proxy for Windows grants a wide set of functions and tools to achieve qualitative results. It has convenient and intuitionaly clear interface, as well as advanced Help system. Using them it is possible quickly and qualitatively to prepare data, to check up their correctness and to execute simulation and exposure. Main functions are listed below.

The data preparation ( design of structures ) is based on work with hierarchical multylayered database of lithographical structures. The special architecture of the database provides on the one hand fast search and access to elements located in direct vicinity of each other (what is very important for data processing and display). On the other hand hierarchy of data permits to create very complex structures with the minimum sizes of a database file by itself.

The support of various types of data formats (such as AutoCad exchange format, standard Geometrical Data Stream II, GDSII, etc.) grants an opportunity to prepare initial data for lithography with the help of other software or to use data designed earlier as well as to export data for processing by other CADs.

Varified method and technique of correction of effect of proximity permits with guarantee to remove influence of proximity effect and to obtain lithography with known accuracy. There is the version which allows one to make proximity correction of 3D structures, that is to create structures with predefined (designed) micro/nano relief in a resist.

The realized technique of modeling resist development permits to obtain quickly and clearly result of the lithography (a form of a resist surface), without real exposure and development. The numerous experimental checks have confirmed high quality and reliability of simulation.

Built - in "expert system" assists one to define significant parameters resist and substrate, as well as a necessary basic time of a exposure. A opportunity of expansion of the database of resists and substrates is implemented.

The interactive graphic editor of hierarchical geometrical structures permits to execute designing of structures for lithography in a convenient graphic form, providing various ways of data display and additional data processing.

The acquisition of videosignal from a lithograph permits to obtain the digital image (in TIFF format ) and provides further image processing and recognition. For example, for recognition of markers at the next lithography.

Convenient interactive tools grant an opportunity to make exact set-up of scanning fields, set-up of coordinate systems of a stage, to measure characteristics of distortion and to determine parameters of dynamic delays of a beam. Special algorithms enabling to compensate mentioned above distortions are developed and built - in.

The support of various types of stages enables to be set up practically any equipment and provides creation of structures of large sizes, which can not be made in one exposure field.

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