X-Ray Optics Department


X-ray acoustooptics laboratory

Dr. Roshchupkin Dmitriy, Head of Laboratory.

Schelokov Igor Alexandrovich (date of birth: 01.04.1967), Ph.D., Senior Researcher Associate.

In 1989 he received a M.S. degree from Moscow State University, Physics Department. (M.S. thesis in Physics: “Mathematical simulation of electrons scattering in multilayer system by Monte-Carlo method”). Since 1989 he works in Institute of Microelectronics Technology RAS. Ph.D. thesis in Physics in 1997: "Space-time modulation of X-rays". About 100 publications into following scientific areas: X-ray diffraction by surface acoustic waves; grazing incidence diffraction optics; X-ray optics and in-line (Gabor) X-ray holography.

Kondakov Arkadiy, Ph.D., staff scientist.

Irzhak Dmitriy , Ph.D., staff scientist.

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