X-Ray Optics Department


X-ray crystal optics laboratory

Shulakov Evgeniy Vladimirovich, Ph.D., Head of Laboratory.

Shabel'nikov Leonid Grigorievich, Ph.D., senior staff scientist.

Graduated in Moscow Physical- Technical Institute (1970), Ph.D. Thesis (1976)
In Institute of Solid State Physics till 1970 on graduating in MphTI in X-ray analysis laboratory, where have worked V.V.Aristov, L.A.Matveeva, later E.V.Shulakov. In Institute of Microelectronics Technology till 1985. Main directions of scientific investigations: X-ray diffractometry (phase transitions, thin films), X-ray lithography, X-ray microscopy and tomography. Starting 1997 general interests were concentrated on X-ray refraction optics. Short focus refraction lenses, planar parabolic lenses made of silicon, polycrystalline diamond and polymer materials have been developed and tested with co-authors. Main approaches of kinoform X-ray optic have been elaborated. X-ray biprisms and compound prisms have been tested. Experiments on X-ray refraction optic have been carried out on synchrotron radiation source ESRF ( Grenoble, France) during period until 1999. A technique has been proposed of fabrication of X-ray refracting parabolic lenses with rotational profile that has been awarded by silver medal (2003) and golden medal (2004) of World Saloon of Inventions and New Technologies (Brussels, Belgium).

Kouznetsov Sergey Michailovich, Ph.D., staff scientist.

Grigoriev Maxim Valentinovich, Ph.D., staff scientist.

In 1997 he received a M.S. degree from Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering. Since 1997 he works in Institute of Microelectronics Technology RAS. Ph.D. thesis in Physics in 2003: "Silicon planar parabolic lenses for hard x-ray".

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