The Agenda of the Scientific Council Meetings of IMT RAS for 1997-1998 Academic Year.

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Scientific Council of IMT RAS

Chairman of Scientific Council - Prof. Vitaliy V. Aristov
Scientific Secretary - Ph.D. Vladimir T. Ushakovskii

Members of Scientific Council: Tulin V.A., Vyatkin A.F., Andreeva A.V., Grazhulene S.S., Gruzintcev A.N., Dubrovskii Yu.V., Eremenko V.G., Zhilyaev I.N., Zaitsev S.I., Lichkova N.V., Lysenko V.G., Marchenko V.A., Matveev V.N., Mikhailov G.M., Mordkovich V.N., Rau E.I., Sikharulidze G.G., Ushakov N.G., Khodos I.I., Shapoval S.Yu., Smirnov V.A., Yakimov E.B.

A message sent to will come to every member of Scientific Council exept those the names highligthed by red colour.

The Scientific Council Meetings are held on Fridays, 14:30 at the Conference Hall.

28 may

V.V.Aristov, V.V.Starkov, L.G.Shabelnikov, S.M.Kuznetsov, A.P.Ushakova, M.V.Grigorjev, V.M.Tseitlin
«Focusing properties of silicon parabolic lenses for hard x-rays».

13 may

Baginsky K.V.,Alyoshin V.A., Tulin V.A., Arsenov A.A., Shulatev D.A., Mukovsky Y.M.
«Electron paramagnetic resonance critical behavior of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3».

24 april


10 april


3 april


20 march


13 march

1) A.V.Nikulov
«Pluse coherence appearance in thin superconducting films with strong disorder.
The return to the Mendelssohn model».

27 february

1) Petrashov V.T., Shaikhaidarov R.Sh., Pelsing P., Claeson T.
«Reentrance in simmetric SNS structures: influence of phase, temperature and voltage».

13 february


6 february


30 january

1) Kudryashov V.A., Prewett P.D. and Michette A.G.
«Low-voltage E-Beam Irradiation - f New Tool for Positive CAR Airborn Contamination Effect Suppression».

23 january


13 january


26 december


15 december


31 october


26 september


The Agenda of the Scientific Council Meetings of IMT RAS for 1996-1997 Academic Year.